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The Suisun Valley Inn is an intimate retreat at the historic 27-acre Monroe Ranch in the heart of Suisun Valley, just east of Napa. Accommodating ten guests in five suites, the inn is the ideal location to stay while enjoying the area wineries, farms and attractions. If you are looking for a tucked away setting for a wedding party, a company retreat or just a getaway to a quaint setting, the Suisun Valley Inn is a unique choice. We are positioned at a crossroad of the bay area with easy access to the Napa Valley, Sacramento and San Francisco. Each of our five rooms are themed with their story of history enveloped in the furniture and decor; each providing a unique experience.


In 1852 James Monroe traveled from Massachusetts across the Isthmus of Panama to California to seek his fortune. In 1860 he married, purchased the land that would become Monroe Ranch and settled in Suisun Valley. The valley’s fertile soil, abundant sunshine, reliable water and proximity to a port and rail line made the area ideal for growing fruit and nuts. To work the land, ranchers needed labor and by the late 1800s as many as 1,000 Chinese agricultural workers lived here along the banks of Suisun Creek in a community known as ‘Big Camp’. The land passed through four successive generations of Monroe’s descendants, the last of whom built the current eight bedroom home in the style of George Washington’s Mt. Vernon in 2004. Today wine grapes are the dominate crop in Suisun Valley. Ying Ni and Gary Bacon acquired the stately home and surrounding acreage and have created a peaceful retreat in the heart of Suisun’s wine country for intimate getaways.

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